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Desirable Fashions offers a large selection of Mauri sneakers, Alligator and Crocodile shoes, Ostrich Boots, Crocodile Boots and Sandals, and Exotic Skin leather.

Other Brands and Styles that We Carry

  • Mezlan Shoes™: Italian Men's Loafers; Casual and Professional Styles with Top-Quality Styling and Supple Leather
  • Max Shoes™: Men's and Women's Styles of Italian Leather Shoes
  • Fennix™: Alligator and Other Exotic Shoes of Many Styles
  • Moda: Women's Shoes: Larger Foot and Wide Styles'
  • Viaspiga™ Women's Style Footwear and Beston™ Italian Cut Shoes for Women
  • Mauri™: Casual and Comfortable Walking Shoes Mezlan Big Size Shoes, Mauri Tennis Shoes
  • Wholesale Mauri shoes, mauri gator shoes, Mauri sneakers, Mauri men shoes
  • We also carry western wear and cowboy boots, Mauri Boots, Belvedere shoes, Belvedere, Mauri shoe, Fennix shoes

Contact Us

We Service Calfornia, Cleveland, Chicago, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and Birmingham.

(866) 473-7832


420 North 20th Street Suite 2200
Birmingham, AL 35203


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