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Mauri Sneaker and moreWe Service Calfornia, Cleveland, Chicago, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Birmingham
Other Brands We Carry:
  • Mezlan Shoes ™: Italian Men's Loafers; Casual and Professional Styles with Top-Quality Styling and Supple Leather
  • Max Shoes ™: Mens' and Womens' Styles of Italian Leather Shoes
  • Fennix ™: Alligator and Other Exotic Shoes of Many Styles
  • Moda: Womens Shoes: Larger Foot and Wide Styles'
  • Viaspiga ™ Women's Style Footwear and Beston ™ Italian Cut Shoes for Women
  • Mauri ™:Casual and Comfortable Walking Shoes Mezlan Big Size Shoes, Mauri Tennis Shoes
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    We also carry western wear and cowboy boots, Mauri Boots, Belvedere shoes, Belvedere , Mauri shoe, Fennix shoes
  • Alligator shoes
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Crocodile shoes, Ostrich Boots, Crocodile Boots and Sandals, Exotic Skin leather